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Judges left absolutely stunned after woman eats sausages with her bum on Talent Show

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In the early 2000's, our TVs were primed with talent shows mainly consisting of terrible singers. American Idol was full of them. The shows were supposed to find the diamond in the rough and somehow each year they man...

Russian Synthol kid known as Popeye made his MMA debut and it didn’t go well

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Synthol kid. His name is Kirill Tereshin and he's from Russia. Also known on the Internet as "Ruki Bukuki", which standards for bazooka arms. Why bazooka arms? Bec...

Wild moment mum sprays breast milk over crowd at dance festival in California

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Just a quick little warning to kick things off, this is a bit bloody full on if you ask me. Today we bring you a video of a woman who is clearly having a little bit too much fun at a festival making some awkward de...

Instagram Models banned indefinitely from Major League Baseball after distracting players with their “assets”

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Alright sports fans, we got another story coming to us live from Major League Baseball in the US. My favourite kinda sports story, the one's where no one is talking about their balls as such, but more about the fans g...

Former NFL Star Greg Hardy Just Beat The Brakes Off Latest Opponent

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Tonight saw disgraced former NFL star Greg Hardy attempt to continue on the path of public redemption in his UFC debut in the co-main event of the first ever UFC card broadcast in the landmark new deal with sports med...

Amir Khan forced to quit fight and now peeing red after brutal low blow

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One of the most agonising pans a man can feel is being caught with a swift strike to the aggots. Whether it was a playful ‘sack-tap’ in the schoolyard, or a full-blown knee to the groin, the agony leaves men doubled o...

McDonald’s Security Guard Draws Gun On Attackers After Getting Jumped

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A security guard’s job is a tough one. It is not the highest paid, or most exciting occupation in the world with long hours spent standing with not much to occupy the brain. Throw in some dreary Chicago weather an...

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Female Bully Sucker-Slaps Male Student And Gets Left In Puddle Of Tears

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We hear all the time that men shouldn’t strike women. The general difference in size and strength means that most men are a lot more deadly with their bare hands than women could be. In the video below, we see an i...