Worlds Greatest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Explains That He’ll Never Walk Again

Worlds Greatest Bodybuilder Ronnie Coleman Explains That He’ll Never Walk Again

If you ever need the inspiration to get off the couch and hit the gym, you need look no further than a few vintage Ronnie Coleman videos.

The star bodybuilder won his first title of Mr Texas way back in 1992 and hit his peak by 1998, enjoying an unprecedented 8-time winning streak in the Mr Olympia contest.

But Ronnie was different, more than a physical powerhouse, Ronnie is known as one hell of a character around the gym.

There are hours of footage of him setting gym records all the while maintaining an impossibly high level of morale and esteem.

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The other startling thing is that most bodybuilders are dedicated 100% to their craft. But Coleman managed to achieve greatness as an amateur. He held down a full-time job as a cop for 4 of his Mr Olympia-winning years and was a reserve thereafter. This is unheard of, and just imagine running into big Ronnie parading the streets of Arlington, Texas. He is no slouch in the brain department either, graduating university with a BSc in accounting.

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But all the weight training over the years at the top level has left Coleman in physical ruins.

The price that humans must pay for overexerting really hits home in later years and Coleman, now 52, has had many surgeries to fix hip and back ailments. His two hip replacements have come under scrutiny for being somewhat unnecessary and Coleman has even blamed opportunistic surgeons going for a cash and fame grab by operating on the international superstar.

The internet has come out swinging in support of Coleman, both saying he will be back and better than ever soon and also urging him to look after himself. After each surgery, Coleman can’t wait to get back into the gym and continue his training. It must be against doctors’ orders and consequently, Ronnie finds himself back under the knife for related and new surgeries. There is even talk that Coleman will struggle to walk again if he keeps it up.

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Check out the video where Coleman explains his troubles