Woman Abuses Man During Road Rage Incident, Ends Up As Internet Meme

Woman Abuses Man During Road Rage Incident, Ends Up As Internet Meme

We have all experienced road rage in one of its various forms at some point.

Whether its on the receiving end of an incident when you give way to the left on a roundabout instead of the right or giving it to an old geezer who should have had her license tossed in the bin years ago.

Road rage is a mental reaction to a stressful situation beyond our immediate control.

The fact of the matter is there are some motorists on the roads that just get on our nerves, for the way they drive and the mindless decisions they make.

Credit: CS Fights

But this video shows how sometimes these reactions can spill over into a full-on face-to-face argument between motorists, and even beyond that to vandalism, destruction of property and assault.

We open on a road by a slip lane to an interstate highway in the United States. We can see a white car and a pickup truck which repositions itself in the first few seconds of the clip.

The drivers are arguing after a reported road rage incident on the that has turned into an altercation.

There is a big, fat woman (you can’t miss her) arguing with the two men.

Her accomplice is off camera to start with, repositioning his pickup.

One of the men returns to the driver’s seat of the car before the verbal stoush wraps up and the passenger joins the driver in the white car.

But the fat woman follows them to the open window for what should be a final word.

Credit: CS Fights

Whatever she says to them prompts a reaction from the passenger who piffs his drink at the woman.

After it has bounced off her yoke, we see the driver of the pickup truck enter the frame and proceed to kick in the front grill of the white car. It’s surely going to kick off now.

They exit the vehicle and begin to beat him.

The fat woman begins to scream hysterically. And just like you’re not supposed to get in between dogs fighting, you shouldn’t try to break up man-fights either.

She commits the cardinal sin of entering the fight and gets promptly punched in the face.

Credit: CS Fights

The driver escapes and the brawl dissolves. The woman, who is now crying joins her husband in the pickup truck and they get set to depart. But not before he slams his truck in reverse and floors it into the white car before speeding away onto the highway.

Judging by the way the white care guns his engine before giving chase, we get the sense this isn’t over!