Khabib’s antics on Saturday wasn’t the first time mayhem has ensued after a MMA fight

Khabib’s antics on Saturday wasn’t the first time mayhem has ensued after a MMA fight

“Sometimes these things happen in MMA”

While Saturday’s scenes following the UFC 229 main event were dramatic and abhorrent, they were far from unprecedented in the sport of MMA. Let’s look back to 2010 when a Jake Shields win against Dan Henderson at Strikeforce Nashville erupted into one of the most infamous moments in MMA’s young history.

These days Jake Shields is enjoying his twilight years as an active fighter having won just 4 of 7 contests since his release from the UFC in 2014. Back in the day though, Shields was dominating in every promotion not called the UFC and was widely regarded as the consensus number 2 ranked welterweight in the world behind Georges St Pierre.

The American also enjoyed several successful forays into the middleweight division during his time in Strikeforce, culminating with a unanimous win over Dan Henderson for the Strikeforce Middleweight Championship. Following the fight, Jason ‘Mayhem’ Miller entered the cage during Shields’ post-fight interview and playfully asked Shields for a rematch.

Bare in mind, Shields’ is well-known for training with Cesar Gracie’s “scrap pack” with Gilbert Melendez and, of course, the Diaz brothers. As you can imagine, these guys did not take well to Miller interrupting Shields’ mid-interview and an all-0ut brawl ensued.

Just seconds after Miller intervened in Shields’ interview he was being beaten from all sides by the Stockton crew.

The melee was over in a matter of minutes but the moment of madness would have longstanding effects on the fledgeling sport’s claim to legitimacy at the time. Despite the event attracting close to 3 million views, the American broadcaster CBS would never show another mixed martial arts event.

Nick Diaz would later apologise for his antics that night in an interview with a fresh-faced Ariel Helwani.

Let’s hope that we don’t see any similar antics following Nate Diaz’s highly anticipated matchup with Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 on November 6th.