Popek Monster With Tattooed Eyeballs Makes Light Work Of Heavyweight Bodybuilder

Popek Monster With Tattooed Eyeballs Makes Light Work Of Heavyweight Bodybuilder

If there is one thing that can take a heavily-tattooed bloke from intimidating to downright scary mofo, it would have to be tattooed eyeballs. To the average Joe, a few tatts are nothing serious, but to go to the extreme of having some of your sensory organs inked is really a next-level undertaking. One of the scariest-looking dudes in the world is Russian rapper and budding MMA star, Popek Monster. The bloke is covered in stickers from head to toe and has had his eyes blacked out too. Needless to say, his rapping has some pretty dark undertones, but he is pretty handy in the cage as well.

Credit: Fighters Only

As part of Poland’s KSW fight series, Popek has taken on fighters from around Europe. The 39-year-old’s record stands at 3-3 but to get there he had to take on the man-mountain, bodybuilder-turned MMA fighter, Robert Burneika. The Las Vegas product may only stand at 5’9”, but weighs a staggering 253 lbs, putting him in the ‘Brick Sh*thouse’ division. The two Squared off at KSW Colosseum in 2017. The local Warsaw crowd actively behind their local hero (Popek).

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The best way to describe the one-sided affair is ‘brutal’. Monster’s solid physique, heavy striking power and the fact that no one can see where he is looking all contributed to his resounding victory. Burneika never looked in it. Moreover, the American doesn’t really look comfortable in the cage at all. Whether it’s the hostile crowd or his oversized build, he doesn’t seem fast, strong or flexible enough to defend against the vicious onslaught from the Polish Monster.

Credit: MMA Today

The fight doesn’t make it past the first round. Popek goes in swinging from the start. He collects Burneika’s face with a number of strikes causing a good amount of blood to begin to flow from his nose. He manages to get him on the ground twice in the 45-second fight before the referee, Tomasz Bronder, steps in and says enough is enough.

Check out the fight ont he player below: