The Time Fans Were Tricked into Talking Smack About Nate Diaz – Right in Front of Him!

The Time Fans Were Tricked into Talking Smack About Nate Diaz – Right in Front of Him!

Most fight-fans will remember the epic Connor McGregor and Nate Diaz rematch that took place at UFC 202. What most people probably don’t remember is the clever set-up orchestrated by Diaz and Jimmy Kimmel where they tricked a number of McGregor fans to talk smack about Nate Diaz – right before he crept up behind them!

Nate, my main man! Wasn’t expecting to see you here! Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

If you know your fights, you know all too well that Diaz scored a huge upset over McGregor in their first contest in a match that was as classic as they come. Clamour for a rematch was huge.

With McGregor the obvious favourite before that initial contest, many felt Diaz got lucky on the night and wanted to see if the cocky Irishman could level the score if the two met were to meet again.

Despite a few setbacks, the rematch eventually happened. In a promo piece beforehand, Jimmy Kimmel invited Diaz onto Jimmy Kimmel Live. The two plotted to trick McGregor fans into talking sh*t about Diaz and then having the fighter surprise them.

Oh sh*t! Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Kudos to the guys invited to share their opinions. They must have been packing it when they realised exactly what had happened. It’s probably fair to say that most fans are of the armchair variety. While they love to watch the sport and share their opinions on it, being confronted by one of its stars would be a daunting experience.

You can see from the video that all of these guys are pretty forthcoming with their belief that McGregor would win the rematch because, as mentioned before, Diaz got lucky in the first bout.

No, Austin Powers is my brother actually. Credit: Jimmy Kimmel Live

With Diaz lurking behind the door in the background, none of these guys suspect a thing – so when the fighter comes and asks them ‘what’s up?’ their looks of surprise are genuine – and funny.

It’s great to look back on this. Obviously, the guys interviewed at the time turned out to be correct in their predictions, but knowing they’d been geeing up his opponent, seeing Diaz there in the flesh would have to be a heart in mouth moment.

Here’s the video:

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