Beast Mode Police Officer Dispatches Two Spring Breakers At The Same Time

Beast Mode Police Officer Dispatches Two Spring Breakers At The Same Time

Cops on the beat at Spring Break have some of the toughest times going around. Aside from the drunk and unruly college kids annoying the hell out of them, they also have to deal with everything else that goes along with it, being the drunken fighting, the accusations of molestation and trying to keep everyone safe. But for Deputy Sergeant Bryan Bingham, that was his job and when a report of violence came across his path, he took matters into his own hands in order to save the day.

Credit: The Blaze

The story goes that Bingham was on the beat solo on St. Pete’s Beach in Florida during Spring Break when someone came up to him reporting that two men were causing mischief by starting fights with strangers. With all other officers reportedly already occupied attending to other incidents, Bingham needed to act alone in order to maintain the peace.

Credit: Sputnik News

Bingham, who is an absolute beast, standing at 6’6”, used his huge size and strength advantages to keep his younger and more slightly-built assailants under wraps. His training came to the fore as he was able to forcibly body slam one of the men straight into the sand, leaving him dazed, but refusing to give in.

The officer was able to cuff the individual, but another man was also giving him trouble. Nothing that a nice choke hold couldn’t deal with. Whilst the maneuver was impressive in its own right, the officer did it whilst still pinning the other struggling man with his legs.

It turns out the two men had extensive criminal records and taking them out likely kept many of the hundreds gathered at St. Pete’s.

Whilst the huge Florida officer has been chastised for using undue force against the drunken revelers, the county Sheriff, Bob Gualtieri, was quick to jump to the defense of his deputy, stating “Sgt. Bingham did what he needed to do to protect himself and the others out there and he handled the situation extremely well given the circumstances. We’re fortunate he wasn’t hurt and others weren’t hurt as a result of their actions.”

Credit: New York Daily News

Check out the gargantuan effort on the player below.