Worlds Hardest Puncher Scores Another Skull Rattling Knockout In 48 Seconds

Worlds Hardest Puncher Scores Another Skull Rattling Knockout In 48 Seconds

Every now and then, a knockout appears in the ring that takes makes us straighten up in our seats, exhale and say a prayer that we weren’t on the receiving end of such a strike. The clip below is an amazing depiction of such a strike. You can almost feel the force of it through the screen, it’s that good! We go back to 2017 at the Copper Box Arena in London on a windy September evening.

The fight between Daniel Dubois and AJ Carter was looking to be a mismatch with the younger fighter, Dubois, coming in hot with 5 wins, all by knockout and no fight progressing beyond the second round.

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At just 20, he had recently won the Youth heavyweight title and was rampaging, this being his fifth fight in as many months. Carter, a day before his 30th birthday had been a staple of the circuit for some time, but many had written him off as too slow for the young bull.

As the bell rang, it was clear that Dubois was in his usual aggressive mood. In fact he had Carter knocked down within the first 10 seconds of the fight. Retiring to his corner, Carter was given the all clear to start again. But it wasn’t long before he was straight back down, this time with the clock showing a mere 30 seconds.

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Carter had fallen victim to two incredible combinations that not only bullied but bamboozled him into odd positions before knocking him down. Looking bereft, he staggered to his feet for what would be one final foray against the huge 20-year-old.

And what a short foray it was. It only took a jab and a cross to get the job done. But the cross was one of the most powerful strikes ever captured on film. The fist flew through Carter’s defences finding his jaw and sending him into another dimension. Carter showed great concern for his compatriot who lay unconscious for nearly 10 minutes under the supervision of paramedics. However, he eventually returned to this world, much to the relief of everyone in attendance.

Credit: Daily Express

As a result, Dubois won the vacant BBBofC Southern Area heavyweight title. To this day, the star has not been beating from 8 starts. His aggression, size and power are a formidable mix and all at just 20 years old! Bloody Hell!

Check out the incredible footage below.

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