A Whole Year Without A Steroid Test, Jon Jones Releases A Pic And He’s JACKED

A Whole Year Without A Steroid Test, Jon Jones Releases A Pic And He’s JACKED

UFC fans around the world are divided by the case that is Jon Jones. The man is a machine in the cage having defeated so many amazing opponents over his chequered career.

Despite still being part of the USADA testing pool, apparently, Jones has only been tested once this year.

Set aside that he is not currently fighting, we assume he plans to return soon, which means he has to be clean.

This is in stark comparison to the 13 times that Daniel Cormier has been tested and passed this year.

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The fact was not lost on Brendan Schaub who strongly insinuated USADA was using dodgy and unfair tactics to protect a dirty JJ.

“I really don’t give a s**t, I really don’t. It’s just a little obvious.

Be less obvious USADA.

If you’re going to be in on the gig — wink wink — at least make it a little less obvious.

At least test Jon four times.

Can you do that over a year period? Can you go there four times?

You’re testing anyways in Albuquerque, can you test the man?

Is that too much to ask for?”

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A few months ago the photo of ‘Bones’ was snapped posing with a young fan at a department store.

It was pretty plain to see that there was plenty of meat on those bones back then as we saw a shadow of his former prowess and the world wondered if we had seen the last of the freakishly good fighter in the cage.

He was described as looking ‘deflated’ which is an obvious jibe at the star’s steroid use.

Credit: Nature Is Metal

But the most recent photograph of Jon Jones shows that the man is back.

The photo appeared on Jackson Wink’s Instagram page with the caption: “champions, past present and future”.

Appearing alongside Chris Brown and Mike Winkeljohn, Jones shows off his chiseled abs and ripped up biceps which are exposed and ready to roll.

He is sporting a headband which shows that he is ahead of the trends… Someone has to start them.

Check it out!