Pettis’ Team Force Him To Quit After Tony Ferguson Fight Too Brutal

Pettis’ Team Force Him To Quit After Tony Ferguson Fight Too Brutal

On Saturday night Tony Ferguson and Anthony Pettis stepped into the cage in a fight that many believe will determine the next challenger for the UFC Lightweight Championship.

After all, both men have previously had experiences with UFC gold. Pettis held the 155lbs belt between 2013 and 2015, while Ferguson won the interim strap last year against Kevin Lee before being stripped at UFC 223 after he was injured and unable to compete against tonight’s headliner Khabib Nurmagomedov.

In the immediate aftermath of this injury, it was Pettis who the UFC first turned to as a potential replacement opponent but a financial dispute meant that Showtime would not get the opportunity to fight for the title.

In the months since Ferguson continued to reassert his claim to being the true UFC Lightweight Champion, having never lost the belt. Ferguson also came into the cage tonight with a 10 fight win streak, the most in UFC lightweight history.

In the meantime, Pettis took to the cage against Michael Chiesa at UFC 226 and proved all those who thought his best years were behind him wrong with an emphatic performance ending with a submission victory early in the second round.

While the trash-talk between these two certainly didn’t reach the vitriolic levels seen between tonight’s headliners, there was clearly no love lost between Ferguson and Pettis prior to the fight. In the days prior to the bout, Pettis went on blast and dismissed Ferguson’s winning streak.

When the two finally squared off in the Octagon, it was a brutal fight from the get go. Pettis troubled Ferguson’s knee early on, and clipped him bad. Both men had their moments during the first round.

During the second round, blood was flowing from both men. Pettis landed a brutal shot which knocked Ferguson down, but he came out the other side of it.

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At the end of the second round Pettis’ team threw in the towel as he had a broken hand.

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