Sh!t Just Got Real! Oscar De La Hoya Just Challenged Dana White To A Fight

Sh!t Just Got Real! Oscar De La Hoya Just Challenged Dana White To A Fight

Will the war of words between two of the fight game’s most successful promoters turn into an actual altercation?

That’s where things went during a bizarre Thursday in which the feud between UFC president Dana White and Golden Boy Promotions head Oscar De La Hoya escalated over dueling media appearances.

On Thursday afternoon, De La Hoya, a 2014 inductee into the International Boxing Hall of Fame, had challenged White to a fight during an appearance on The Luke Thomas Show on Sirius XM.

“I’ll even give you five months so you can get off the juice, and then we can get in great shape, and then we go three rounds,” De La Hoya added. “Look, I’m going to give you, what, a 50-pound advantage? It’s okay. I can take you on. Let’s do it.”

The two fight promoters have butted heads in the past but tensions boiled over after De La Hoya staged his company’s first MMA fight, an event last month in which one aging former UFC titan, Tito Ortiz, knocked out another, Chuck Liddell. White voiced his opposition to the fight before it even began, pointing to the fact that he had encouraged Liddell, a personal friend, to retire from MMA in 2010 after the former light heavyweight champion suffered a string of knockout losses.

“The Golden Boy” had always accused Dana White of not taking care of his fighters, in terms of compensation. In a recent appearance on ESPN’s First Take, he defended his decision to have Liddell come out of an eight-year retirement at 48 years of age, only to get knocked out for the fourth consecutive time.

“Why in the hell is Chuck Liddell still fighting at this age? Because Dana White doesn’t pay him enough. That’s why. So I have to come in and give him his biggest payday that he’s ever made.

“I’m not attacking him personally. If he wants to attack me personally, of what happened 15 years ago?

“Yes, I’ve done the work to be the person I am today,” he added. “And that’s a person that is clean, a good citizen of America. And that’s what I do. I’m working hard to build my business and to take care of my fighters. Are you doing the same?”

So far, this feud has had everything but the actual fight. The pair’s back-and-forth in the media has all the makings of a great fight promotion, and an actual fight between the two might be a bigger draw than any Canelo Alvarez matchup on May 5.

Of course it’s also highly unrealistic. No responsible governing body would sanction the bout. De La Hoya, 45, is primarily a fight promoter at this stage of his career, but is also a former Olympic gold medalist and world champion boxer in six different weight classes.

White is a 49-year-old businessman with a purported boxing background and reputation for street fighting in his younger days, but zero professional fighting experience.