Cocky Teen Gets Subdued With a Spinning Hook-Kick to the Face

Cocky Teen Gets Subdued With a Spinning Hook-Kick to the Face

Schoolyard fights were like no other.

A bit of verbal build up.

A bit of macho action, and all of a sudden, things came to a head, with an organised showdown, surrounded by all the boys and the teachers turning the blindest of eyes to the potentially dangerous situation that was about to unfold just away from their normally-prying eyes.

Knowing what we know now as adults, there is no way the teachers didn’t have full knowledge of what was going on, it is just that they knew boys will be boys!

Credit: Live Leak

The clip below is a classic.

It is a matchup between one really ‘alpha’ cocky dude with blonde hair and a very solid ego and a nerdy kid who doesn’t look like much on the outside but proves that he knows a thing or two when it comes to throwing a fist. The two have come to a quiet part of the school to duke it out and have been tailed there by what looks like about 40 or 50 fellow pupils.

The after-school affair seems like it has been brewing for a while, but the two kids don’t seem to have a huge deal of animosity towards each other. The blonde-haired guy throws a few punches that connect, but it doesn’t seem to deter the other kid who put his head down and gets to work.

Credit: Live Leak

It is a classic example of non-experienced fighters forgetting about their legs and focusing too much on the upper body.

The blond kid hasn’t thrown a kick the whole fight, but the nerdy guy is doing plenty downstairs.

The vocal crowd swing heavily in the nerdy guy’s favour as he lands a solid combo on the blond guy who seems rattled but keen to continue. After a brief halting of proceedings, the fight is back on.

Another kick from the nerdy guy is parried somewhat, but the crowd is well into the theatre of it all.

Then as the blonde guy is still recovering, out of nowhere, the nerdy guy executes an amazing roundhouse kick the collects the blonde’s jaw and sends him flying.

Credit: Live Leak

The crowd, understandably go absolutely bananas at this. Not only has the underdog got up, but given the cocky blond guy an absolutely memorable bruise.

He isn’t too badly hurt though, wanting to continue. But the crowd has called this one and are rallying around their new hero.

Check it out on the player below.