Russian Mobster Aleksander Emelianenko Engages In All Out War With Opponent

Russian Mobster Aleksander Emelianenko Engages In All Out War With Opponent

If you’re looking for two scarier dudes to match up against each other in the cage, it would be hard to go past Jeff Monson and Aleksander Emelianenko.

Not only do they bother just look crazy enough to kill the other, but they have the fighting records to be able to do it with their bare hands.

Well back in 2012, the two, who were nearing the peaks of their games came up each other at the 35th installment of the M-1 Fighting Challenge.

Emelianenko would later go on to be convicted of rape charges after he was accused of sexually assaulting his former housekeeper in addition to stealing her passport.

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He was given four-and-a-half years in jail and appealing the decision, has maintained his innocence, saying the encounter was consensual.

Upon release, Emelianenko thrust himself back into the fighting scene.

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Monson is one of the classic MMA fighters.

Straddling the old school and modern eras, the Russian-American star fought in a multitude of competitions including the early UFC.

He even contended for a heavyweight title in the top competition, narrowly missing out on defeating Tim Sylvia.

He was crowned XFC Champion in 2005, defeating Devin Cole by decision.

The hotly anticipated fight took place in St Petersberg Ice Palace in front of a packed crowd.

Two Russian fighters at one of the nation’s best venues were always going to be a memorable affair. Many held Emelianenko as the favorite to take out the fight on account of his long-running success in the M-1 Challenge competition. The then-30-year-old had only been beaten once out of 5 starts.

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But as the matchup got underway it was clear that Monson was more than a handful for Aleksander.

Having lost to his brother, Fedor, Monson was not looking like going down the same road as his ground game saw the tables turn in his favor. At the 3 minute mark of the second round, Emelianenko gave up his back, allowing himself to be wrapped up in a rear hold.

From there a simple maneuver got Monson the victory via rear north-south choke.

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Check out the action from the classic fight on the player below.