Israel Adesanya Was Just Crowned The ‘Laser-Guided Strikes’ King At UFC230

Israel Adesanya Was Just Crowned The ‘Laser-Guided Strikes’ King At UFC230

In a time when the UFC Middleweight division is looking for its next upcoming contender, the fight between Derek Brunson and Israel Adesanya was always going to give a good indication of who might be the next challenger to Robert Whittaker’s title.

Adesanya has come into the UFC on a tidal wave of momentum, having knocked out every single one of his opponents in MMA prior to signing for the big show. He then continued his momentum by winning his first three UFC fights. The New Zealander is one of the most high-level kickboxers to make the switch in recent years and has since delivered technically perfect violence, showing a completely different level of striking than his contemporaries.

Despite this, prior to tonight, Adesanya had never fought anyone as experienced in high-level MMA as Derek Brunson. Although the American came into the fight coming off a loss against tonight’s co-main event participant Jacare Souza in January, he has consistently fought the best fighters in the division since coming to the UFC from Strikeforce in 2012.

Ever since the fight between the pair was booked earlier this year it has been clear there is a level of disdain between the two competitors. When they faced off at the UFC 25th anniversary press conference back in August both men took their opportunity to talk some smack to the other.

Throughout fight week the tension between the pair has been mounting and it seemed like it was going to reach the boiling point at yesterdays weigh-ins. As the pair were squared off by UFC president Dana White, Adesanya held his arm out inches from Brunson’s face, clearly agitating the American.

In the end though it was Adesanya who proved way to classy, stuffing all of Brunson’s takedown attempts and timing a knee that landed flush on Bruson while shooting again for the single leg.

The finish was almost comical in it’s video game effortlessness.

Check it out on the player below: