Amir Khan forced to quit fight and now peeing red after brutal low blow

Amir Khan forced to quit fight and now peeing red after brutal low blow

One of the most agonising pans a man can feel is being caught with a swift strike to the aggots. Whether it was a playful ‘sack-tap’ in the schoolyard, or a full-blown knee to the groin, the agony leaves men doubled over in pain and literally useless. The reason is that the body wants us to protect our balls so we are able to procreate. Once a man has been knocked there once, the instinct to protect oneself is so strong that he will do almost anything to protect the area. The sensitive area is protected in all modern combat sports, not only by the fighter wearing a cup but also by the rules, that clearly state ‘nothing below the belt’!

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So when Amir Khan copped a low blow in his WBO Welterweight Title challenge against Terence Crawford, millions of hearts went out to the Brit, who gave the typical choked-up reaction as Crawford’s glove cannoned into his gonads. The referee immediately intervened as the distress on the 32-year-old’s face became abundantly clear.

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As Kahn had been losing the fight at the time, many boxing fans saw the low-blow as an easy way out for the former champ’s camp. Current champion Crawford agreed with that line of rhetoric, saying, post-fight:

“First of all, it wasn’t a low blow and second of all, Virgil knew the fight was going in a bad direction and he saved his fighter before anything bad happened to him.”

However, Khan’s trainer, Virgil Hunter rebutted this, retorting:

“It’s obvious he was in a lot of pain. Sometimes you can continue and sometimes you can’t continue, it depends on how hard you were hit in the testicles. I asked him if he could continue and he said, ‘No.'”

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Khan’s never-say-die attitude has been commended in the past. The star has only lost once by decision and has been knocked out 4 times on his way to 33 career wins. Khan has previously insisted:

“I would never quit, I’d rather get knocked out, I’m just one of them fighters. I have been knocked out because I try to win fights.”

Of this fight, he said:

“I didn’t quit. I was hit with a low blow in the balls. I’ve not seen the video but it was a low blow. But look, if you guys think I quit, no problem. I’ve never quit from a fight, but Crawford is a great fighter and he beat me tonight.”

“I could feel it in my stomach and legs. I said ‘I can’t move’. There was no point taking five minutes out, I could not continue. I am not one to give up. I was hit by a hard shot below the belt.

“I couldn’t continue as the pain was too much.”

Check out the blow here: