Female Teacher Gets Busted Using Student As ‘Look-Out’ To Sleep With 6th Grader

Female Teacher Gets Busted Using Student As ‘Look-Out’ To Sleep With 6th Grader

When we think of paedophiles, our minds have been conditioned to think of men.

This is due to centuries of reports on the matter that focused only on male perpetrators of sexual offenders against minors.

But it seems that in recent times more and more reports are being pedalled through mainstream media that focus on offences carried out by female paedophiles.

The clip below focuses on one of them.

27-year-old teacher Brittany Zamora from Arizona has fronted court awaiting trial for 9 alleged counts of sexual contact with a minor.

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She has pled not guilty.

The offences were brought to police attention after the 6th grade boy revealed that he was in fact in a relationship with is teacher.

In a classic case of misguided bragging, the relationship whilst appearing to be consensual is illegal, punishable by imprisonment.

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Police have released evidence in the form of notes were passed between the two during class.

They detail the erotic nature of the relationship the teacher and the student, who has not been named, had.

But somewhat tragically, the notes, written in marker on colourful paper remind us that this is an illegal relationship between a little boy and a teacher.

Messages were also exchanged by a new teaching app called Class Craft.

One boy who was interviewed said he witnessed the two having sex in the teacher’s car.

And it has also been reported that on one occasion another student was asked to stand and act as a lookout whilst the two got it on in classroom at the school.

Fellow teachers had described that there was something a bit off about Brittany.

The young teacher was often a bit more ‘touchy-feely’ with her students.

One teacher recounted how she had witness male students leaning against her and even putting their arm around her, which she did not push back against as inappropriate.

The assistant principal at the school even went as far as to say that she seemed to welcome the advances.

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Her trial will be held in the coming months.

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