62 Year Old Sugar Ray Leonard Obliterates Heavy Bag

62 Year Old Sugar Ray Leonard Obliterates Heavy Bag

Most fellas as they get older and slower let their bodies decline into a fat sloppy mess.

As their energy levels decline, their interests fall more to quieter pursuits like reading or watching TV.

Sadly the lack of energy expenditure means their condition is well lost and injury in day-to-day activity becomes commonplace.

We hear all too often that old people have broken a hip or lost their balance and had a Humpty Dumpty-esque fall.

Credit: Boxing News

But one man who doesn’t seem in any danger of going down this path is Sugar Ray Leonard.

The American, who boasted a remarkable 20-year-career held World Titles in the Welterweight and Super Middleweight divisions and whilst the bulk of his wins came in the early part of his career, made a comeback at the age of 39 to still be fighting in 1997.

A chequered personal life stemming from a detached retina and consequent retirement in 1982 saw Leonard divorced and publically humiliated as he confirmed accusations by his ex-wife of domestic abuse.

From there, Leonard set about regaining his status and turning his life back around. He ditched the alcohol in 2006 and is all about leading a happy and healthy life, appearing often in the boxing world and in wider public life.

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He often posts snippets of his workouts on Instagram and some of them are pretty impressive especially comparing him to other men his age.

The clip below shows his impeccable balance and control as he hops over a bosu before putting some seriously fast hands into a punching bag.

Sugar Ray’s post drew admiration from another aging giant of fighting, Dana White, who accompanied a repost with some pretty high praise, saying:

Watch this video till the end. @sugarrayleonard is 63 years old and look at how fast he still is!!! Ray, keep kickin ASS my friend.

Credit: Instagram / @danawhite

Check out Ray’s slick movement on the player below.