Aussie woman jailed for cancer donation scam

Aussie woman jailed for cancer donation scam

An Australian woman who faked cancer and fraudulently scammed her way to almost $42,000 dollars has been sentenced to three months in jail with the judge’s final verdict ringing in her ear after he told her she was ‘despicable’.

Dickenson looking incredibly ill while ‘in palliative care’. Credit:

The latest malingering Australian to be found guilty for their fraudulent actions, Hanna Dickenson, told friends and family she had only six months to live and would spend it in palliative care. Understandably, friends and relatives rallied around the young woman to ensure she could raise the funds she so desperately needed to receive treatment in Germany.

Dickenson was only 19 years old when she broke the news. As you can imagine, those close to her were heartbroken. There’s always something more tragic about cancer in a young person, and with Dickenson fresh from school with the life ahead of her torn away by the ravages of illness and disease, those people donated $41,770. One person donated over $10,000 and neighbours of the family donated on four separate occasions.

With the money firmly in her back pocket, Dickenson went travelling and lived as if she did only have months to do it in. She partied from Thailand to Europe with the swindled cash, and in a rookie error, she posted the evidence on social media.

The very picture of illness. Credit: Hanna Dickenson/Facebook

By all accounts, it was the couple who had donated to her cancer-cum-carousal fund who reported her to police.  And who could blame them? While Dickenson lived a life of debauchery and excess on foreign shores, they were at home worrying about their neighbour and wishing for a speedy recovery.

As mentioned earlier, the judge called Dickenson’s actions despicable and said, “People’s desire to assist and social trust has been breached. These are people who worked hard and dug into their own pockets.” He sentenced her to three months in jail, gave her 12 months of community corrections and ordered her to pay back all the money.

Dickenson arriving at court with her mum – who stuck by her despite her lies. Credit: 7 News.

It is expected that Dickenson will appeal the sentence considering other recent malingering cases like celebrity wellness blogger Belle Gibson’s have been more high profile and didn’t carry consequences as severe.

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