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Hot head running his mouth walks into fight gym, says MMA doesn’t work

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After boasting a range of skills, this bloke decides he is fit to challenge a fighter after watching an MMA class. “The first match I get him with a triangle choke. The second match you have to watch to see. Pl...

When Acting Like A Tough Guy Goes Fatally Wrong “I Think He’s De*d Bro”

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Groups of guys get into fights way more often than they should. Maybe it’s the alcohol on a night out, maybe they think an overly masculine display will impress the ladies, or maybe they are just angry people who ...

Wannabe tough guy picks fight with the wrong bouncer

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These days its pretty uncommon to hear about a fight outside a nightclub given nightclubs are closed all over the world due to the global pandemic. Anyway, when restrictions start to open up I'm sure we'll see ...

Judges left absolutely stunned after woman eats sausages with her bum on Talent Show

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In the early 2000's, our TVs were primed with talent shows mainly consisting of terrible singers. American Idol was full of them. The shows were supposed to find the diamond in the rough and somehow each year they man...

Russian Synthol kid known as Popeye made his MMA debut and it didn’t go well

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Synthol kid. His name is Kirill Tereshin and he's from Russia. Also known on the Internet as "Ruki Bukuki", which standards for bazooka arms. https://www.instagram.com/p/B31sMBpoxCW/ Why bazooka arms? Bec...

Wild moment mum sprays breast milk over crowd at dance festival in California

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Just a quick little warning to kick things off, this is a bit bloody full on if you ask me. Today we bring you a video of a woman who is clearly having a little bit too much fun at a festival making some awkward de...

Instagram Models banned indefinitely from Major League Baseball after distracting players with their “assets”

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Alright sports fans, we got another story coming to us live from Major League Baseball in the US. My favourite kinda sports story, the one's where no one is talking about their balls as such, but more about the fa...