Rapper With Tattooed Eyeballs Throws Hands With Bodybuilding World Champ

Rapper With Tattooed Eyeballs Throws Hands With Bodybuilding World Champ

Polish mixed martial arts promotion Konfrontacja Sztuk Walki (KSW) has made waves on the European MMA scene with a mix of high-level competition and some attraction fights.

Attraction fights in this context meaning two guys who might not be the most talented fighters but are guaranteed to put on a great show.

One of the best examples of this is how they have facilitated strongman legend Mariusz Pudzianowski’s transition into MMA.

The multiple-time World’s Strongest Man winner is a sporting legend in his homeland of Poland and has quickly emerged as one of KSW’s biggest stars.

Despite early doubts about his ability and dedication to transition into being a fully-fledged a fighter, Pudzianowski has lost significant muscle mass and developed his skills significantly since his debut in 2009.

Since then he has earned victorious over UFC veterans such as Oli Thompson, Sean McCorkle, and Rolles Gracie Jr.

Pudzianowski also holds a victory over Polish music star Popek.

In case a guy of Popek’s sheer size wasn’t already intimidating enough, he has his eyeballs tattooed.

That’s right, not the eyelids, nor just above the eyes, the guy has the literal whites of his eyes coloured in.

While Popek couldn’t get past the refined skills of Pudzianowski, he would fare far better against his next opponent, Lithuanian former bodybuilder Robert Burneika.

In terms of appearance alone, between these two guys you might just have the scariest MMA fight ever.

However, possessing an intimating physique doesn’t always translate to skills in the cage.

This was immediately exemplified as Popek charged formed, securing an early takedown on his opponent. From there, he used relentless pressure to completely overwhelm the inexperienced Burneika.

It didn’t take long for Burneika to give up his back during the onslaught of punches, eventually submitting to strike just 44 seconds into the first round.

Never change KSW.


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