Zion Williamson Lookalike Jumped By 15+ People And He KO’D At Least 8 Of Them

Zion Williamson Lookalike Jumped By 15+ People And He KO’D At Least 8 Of Them

Unless you’re The Incredible Hulk, you’re going to have a tough time taking on several people in a fist fight all at once. Regardless of the differential in skill level, the sheer weight of numbers means not only more targets to take into account, but more weight and more attacks coming your way.

So if you are unlucky enough to be jumped by a gang of angry men, you had better pray they take it easy on you.

But the guy in the clip below turns the tables on these 20 guys and sees their weight of numbers as merely more targets to hit.

Credit: Yahoo Sports

The footage opens outside a popular nightclub and the man, who has been likened to NBA star recruit Zion Williamson, but not confirmed, starts off looking like he is in a bit of trouble as two men come at him. Another guy with drealocks comes running in from some way away only to be bodyslammed by the guy in the grey T-shirt who also manages to keep his feet.

Credit: Fight Bible

He looks to have an ally in a yellow hoodie that seems to be looking to break the fight up rather than protect his friend. As more people converge on the fight, the guy in the grey looks to put his guard down, turning his back on the thugs as if to say he is done. But this turns out to be just an acts and he pivots and socks one of the men in the face.

Credit: Fight Bible

Another man comes in and tries to clout the main guy, as the dude in the yellow hoodie comes in between them.

He wears a bunch of punches to the back of the head as if they are nothing and he approaches the door to the nightclub. Security is on the scene and there looks to be a solitary police officer there as well.

But the action isn’t over as he turns once again, engaging and knocking out a further four men as onlookers scream with terror. By the time the clip ends there are bodies strewn across the ground.

Check it out here.

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