Conor McGregor’s Coach Was a Beast In The MMA Cage

Conor McGregor’s Coach Was a Beast In The MMA Cage

John Kavanagh, is a well-known a the long-time coach of Irish former dual-belt holder, Conor McGregor.

Many fans credit John’s expertise as a coach and mentor is the guiding light that saw McGregor rise to prominence, fame and fortune.

But what many have not questioned is just how Kavanagh gained the expertise himself. Well here is a little history lesson on the man behind The Notorious.

Kavanagh, an Irishman himself had six MMA fights during the early 2000s that not many people know about.

Credit: YouTube

He specialised in the disciplines of Karate and BJJ and won three fights by submission.

His six fights were spread across European-based organisations including Ultimate Zone International (UZI), Combat Revolution, Cage Wars, Grapple & Strike and Pride & Honour in South Africa.

His crowning achievement as a fighter came when he formed the main card at Ultimate Combat against Leigh ‘Bulldog’ Remedios.

Credit: Fightland Vice

Finishing with a record of 3 and 3, Kavanagh diversified his talents by opening Ireland’s world-famous Straight Blast Gym.

The gym became a successful franchise and now boasts an association of over 35 gyms around the world. The jewel in the crown for the franchise was the success of Conor McGregor.

The clip below shows Kavanagh in his fighting prime.

He lined up in Cage Wars 1 against Tamar Hasar.

There is a fair bit of local support for the star trainer.

A smooth and calm operator, we never see any pain showing on the Irishman’s face as he swiftly deals with his opponent, wrapping up the fight in the first round.

Credit: YouTube / History of MMA

It is funny to note that there is none of the showmanship that is displayed by his star pupil, with his humility and respectful nature taking the fore as he goes about his business.

Check out the vintage footage on the player below.