BJJ Wizard Ryan Hall Makes B.J. Penn’s Leg Pop Like A Firecracker In The 1st Round

BJJ Wizard Ryan Hall Makes B.J. Penn’s Leg Pop Like A Firecracker In The 1st Round

At the UFC 232 prelims, two division champion B.J. Penn took yet another loss. He faced off against Ryan Hall, and it only took a little over two minutes to submit the decorated champion. After a brief feeling out period, Hall threw a kick, before rolling for a leg and instantly submitting Penn.

Penn was able to avoid being baited by Hall, who was on the ground for most of the first two minutes. After the referee stood Hall up, he went on the offensive by locking in a heel hook that forced Penn to tap out immediately.

Penn, who used to have a vaunted BJJ game back in the day, actually rolled into the heel hook and got submitted instantly. Watch the clip of the finish below.

The end officially came at 2:47 of the very first round.

“Just to compete against BJ is a surreal experience,” Hall said on the FS1 broadcast after his win (h/t MMA Fighting).

Since winning the Ultimate Fighter 22 lightweight tournament in December 2015, Hall has barely been used by UFC. His last fight was a unanimous-decision win over Gray Maynard in December 2016.

For the BJJ whiz in Hall, this makes him 3-0 in the UFC, despite not having competed in two years. Penn, on the other hand, dropped his sixth bout in a row, and has only won one out of his last ten fights dating back to 2010.

Hall (7-1) explained his two-year absence from the Octagon during a September appearance on The MMA Hour podcast (h/t MMA Fighting’s Shaun Al-Shatti):

“I expressed the interest to the matchmaker in the UFC, who’s never been anything but a gentleman to me, that I wanted to face very difficult and challenging opposition, and he said okay. He said, ‘I’ll let you know when that comes around,’ that a lot of those guys have turned down the fight. So, no, I’ve not been spending my time turning down fights. Not a ton of offers have come in, but the ones that have, I’ve accepted wholeheartedly, and finally we got a good one.”