Curtis Blaydes Just Beat Alistair Overeem To A Bloody Pulp

Curtis Blaydes Just Beat Alistair Overeem To A Bloody Pulp

Curtis Blaydes has announced himself as the newest UFC heavyweight contender.

Fighting Alistair Overeem is no easy task. Across the sports of both MMA and kickboxing many legendary fighters have fallen victim to the Dutch fighter’s lethal striking and underrated submission skills.

However, Curtis Blaydes appeared to have the perfect skillset to prevent becoming another victim of Overeem. Blaydes had shown in his previous six UFC fights, including a win against Mark Hunt, that he has some of the most potent grappling in the UFC heavyweight divison.

As the action got underway, it was clear that both men were very respectful of their opponent’s skillsets. As a result, the first two rounds were in many ways anticlimactic based on the high expectations leading in to the fight.

However, Blaydes demonstrated the takedown abilities that earned him a NJCAA National Wrestling Championship as a college student. Overeem was unable to really utilise his deadly striking skills as Blaydes consistently threatened with numerous successful takedowns.

Overeem attempted to discourage Blaydes from engaging in grappling exchanges by threatening numerous submissions from the bottom, but the wrestler continued undeterred.

In the third round, Blaydes again used his vastly superior wrestling abilities to establish a dominant position. However, in contrast to the previous rounds, Blaydes was much more active with his ground and pound.

Posturing up in Overeem’s open guard, Blaydes established his position and began dropping some of the most devastating elbows ever seen in the UFC octagon. After just a few clean strikes landing, Overeem’s face was a bloody mess and the referee mercifully stepped in to stop the punishment at 2:56 of the third round.

In his post-fight interview with Joe Rogan, Blaydes announced his intention to face the winner of the upcoming Stipe Miocic vs Daniel Cormier UFC Heavyweight Title fight.

“I’m next In line for the belt. It’s my time. It’s my time.”

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