Bob Sapp Almost Gets Eaten Alive By Huge Bear on Japanese Game Show

Bob Sapp Almost Gets Eaten Alive By Huge Bear on Japanese Game Show

Let’s face it.

Bobb Sapp doesn’t have the most stellar record in MMA.

The powerful American boasts a 23-38-1 record in MMA, fighting mainly in the PRIDE, Rizin and K-1 competitions.

But despite his record, Sapp remains one of the most popular fighters going around.

His massive 6’5” frame coupled with an outrageous personality has meant that the fighter is immensely popular in Japan.

He is a full-on celebrity over there, having appeared in commercials and released CDs. But one of his most daring stunts came on New Year’s eve when he took on a grizzly bear in a strength test.

Ironically, having been drafted to the Chicago Bears NFL team in 1997, Sapp thoroughly believed he had what it takes to beat a Grizzly.

Grizzly bears are said to be about 3-5 times stronger than humans, but then again, Sapp is a big, big human.

The fight was set up in a purpose-built cage with a perspex divider separating Sapp from the highly efficient killer bear.

It was promoted and shown on a bizarre Japanese TV show – of course it was!

Credit: Scrap Digest

The 44-year-old Sapp, was draped in meat to further entice and enrage the bear.

Sapp was already loaded safely into the cage behind the perspex before the bear was unleashed.

Smelling the meat, the bear was immediately interested, sniffing the air intently.

Sapp doesn’t look scared at this point, perhaps still delusional at his capabilities against a wild animal.

Credit: YouTube

But as the bear gets more and more worked up, we can see his demeanour change.

The bear rears up on its hind legs, placing its front paws on the divider.

It starts roaring and grunting, striking fear into Sapp. But as he pushes on the divider, the bear pushes back, hard.

His back claws have dug into the ground providing a hell of a lot of traction.

Sapp is no match for the bear and he exits the cage.

But he still thinks he has what it takes and a rematch is organised. This time, the bear knows what to expect and goes hell for leather at the perspex.

Bears have a bite- force of 1200 pounds per square inch, meaning they would chew through the meaty man like it was nothing. Sapp flees the cage again, and rightfully so.

The grizzly bear destroys the divider and makes it to the side where Sapp was standing a mere 30 seconds before.

Credit: YouTube

Check out the ridiculous footage below.

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