Boxer Runs Out of Arena The Moment After Opening Bell Sounds

Boxer Runs Out of Arena The Moment After Opening Bell Sounds

Boxers are, to say the least, a neurotic bunch. I mean, to possess the dedication and focus that boxers have to prepare for a fight, you have to be a little nuts.

Early mornings, hardcore training sessions and instilling a sense of confidence in their abilities, all in the pursuit of being the greatest have got to take their toll somehow.

Often we see some amazing falls from grace in the ring. We speak of things like Mike Tyson biting Evander Holyfield’s ear – just crazy!

But an incident of a different kind has gone down in Minneapolis with a heavyweight bout being decided without a single punch being thrown.

Credit: The Ring Mag

The Premier Boxing Champions event featured a heavyweight throwdown between Efe Ajagba and Curtis Harper. Ajagba, hailing from Nigeria went into the fight with a 5-0 record.

The two touched gloves after the referee gave his rundown of proceedings and returned to their respective corners awaiting the bell. But as it rung and the Nigerian exploded towards Harper, he found that his opponent was about to exit the ring.

Ducking through the ropes, Harper didn’t look back as he calmly walked out of the arena amidst boos and jeers from the crowd. The commentators were thoroughly confused, exclaiming that they hadn’t seen anything like it.

Credit: Fightful

This sentiment was echoed on social media where it was also revealed that the dramatic and unprecedented departure was due to a bitter pay dispute between promoters and Harper.

If y’all are wondering I spoke to Harper and he said he walked out of the ring because he’s not getting paid enough to fight and that he wants respect. 🤦🏻‍♀️ #AjagbaHarper #PBConFS1

However, the intended result was seen more as a stupid dummy-spit rather than a passionate stand. One Facebook comment backed up the opinions of many:

Brendan Smitke: Real classy there buddy. Instead you chose to waste the companies time and money promoting you. That’ll get you a better contract for sure. He will be lucky to ever fight on a premiere card again pulling that stunt.

Credit: BBC

Check out the dramatic footage on the player below.

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