Brawl Erupts During Wrestling Event When Parent Calls Another Parent a Fat B*tch

Brawl Erupts During Wrestling Event When Parent Calls Another Parent a Fat B*tch

Youth sports should be a way to allow kids to experience competition, whilst prioritising making friends and having fun.

This should be a foolproof system, right?

The problem inevitably comes when the kids’ parents become a little too involved with what’s going on on the court/field/mat.

In almost all youth sports it is pretty easy to spot at least one parent living vicariously through their offspring.

Generally, they’ll be some guy stood barking commands at their child from the sidelines, either having appointed themselves the coach or just undermining whoever is the actual coach.

One of the problems with these ultra-competitive parents is that they pass on their own bad habits on to their kids. This is bad enough when just one pushy parent is on the sidelines, but god forbid two facing off with each other.

When this happens, all hell is bound to break loose, and as we’re about to see, it’s clear that the parents’ true priorities do not lie with the safety of their children.

This video comes from a wrestling meet in Kimberly, Wisconsin in the good ol’ USA. On a purely anecdotal level, you’d be forgiven for thinking that the overbearing parent trend was confined solely to the US with the amount of these kinds of videos that originate stateside.

As the offending parents from the opposing teams began verbally abusing each other, before the match was even over, violence was bound to follow. In just seconds an argument between a male and female devolves into a brawl involving several parents from both sides.

The lack of concern for the safety of the children is evident throughout, as a young wrestler is caught in the ensuing fracas. Eventually, the violence was broken up but not before some of the participants were restrained.

The Fox Valley Metro Police Department released the following statement:

On Sunday, 02/03/2019 at approximately 2:30 pm, officers with the Fox Valley Metro Police Department were dispatched to Kimberly High School, 1662 E. Kennedy Avenue in the Village of Kimberly for a past tense disturbance complaint.

After conducting an initial investigation, it was determined that some parents who attended an athletic event were involved in a verbal and physical altercation.

Witnesses told police at the scene that one of those cited for disorderly conduct had been heard calling another parent, a ‘fat b*tch’, and her son a ‘f*cking crybaby’.