Brazilian Comedian Falls Victim to a Contender for Best Prank of All Time

Brazilian Comedian Falls Victim to a Contender for Best Prank of All Time

Friends: can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

For this guy, however, I think he probably wishes he did live without friends, or at least these ones.

In a video that has since gone viral on social media, Abdias Melo finds himself on the wrong side of one of the most savage pranks in recent memory.

Let’s set the scene. The culprit of the prank is a famed comedian in the Portuguese speaking world with over 400,000 Facebook likes. The video starts with the prankster purchasing ten dildos and superglue.

It should be frighteningly obvious by this point where this is going.

While Melo is sleeping, his joker friend begins applying the phallic sex toys one by one on his unsuspecting mark. As Meto starts to resemble the most inappropriate porcupine ever conceived, Ni Do Badoque decides that the time has come to condemn his victim to his fate.

This isn’t some kind of gentle wakeup either. Melo is shocked from sleep to the sound of his prankster pal clattering pans together.

To his credit, Melo appears to take the joke in pretty good humour. When he first wakes up, he even flexes his newfound superpower, jiggling up and down while his newfound spikes hilariously wobble.

The best part of this whole thing, though obviously not for Melo, is that the industrial strength superglue means that the dildos cannot just be pulled off. As a result, the group are forced to take what has to have been one of the most awkward trips to the doctor.

Luckily, the doctor is kind enough to not condemn Melo to a lifetime of being a pornographic porcupine and removes the dildos.

Word of advice: if your friends are famous for being pranksters and you don’t want to play a part in their antics, it’s probably best to lock your door when you go to sleep.