BREAKING: Nate Diaz vs Dustin Poirier is OFF

BREAKING: Nate Diaz vs Dustin Poirier is OFF

Another day, another chapter in the ever-entertaining Nate Diaz saga. Much like his brother Nick, Nate is never too far from controversy and his scheduled fight with Dustin Poirier at UFC 230 has been no different. Now, in a shocking turn of events, Nate has claimed via his Twitter account that the fight has been cancelled as Poirier did not want the fight to take place at 165lbs.

The news comes just three days after Diaz tweeted that the fight would be taking place for the championship in a newly established 165lbs division. Despite both Diaz and Poirier both tweeting that the fight would be for the championship of the as-of-yet-unnamed division, Dana White was quick to deny the rumours that the organisation was planning on adding another division at this current time.

It had started to seem like the native of Stockton California wasn’t ever going to grace the Octagon again following his most recent fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 202. Despite Diaz’s rivalry with the Irishman making him significantly more well known amongst casual fans, and elevating him into one of the companies top draws, Diaz repeatedly stated that he was content not fighting again unless he was compensated what he thinks he is worth.

Therefore many were shocked when Diaz was announced to be facing Poirier at the Madison Square Garden card. The fight almost looked like it wouldn’t happen earlier after Diaz stormed out of a press conference when the UFC played a promotional video for the McGregor vs Nurmagomedov UFC Lightweight Championship fight taking place October 6th.

While no official word has come out as to whether the Diaz vs. Poirier fight has actually been cancelled, it’s probably worth taking Nate’s announcement with a grain of salt and holding off judgement until Dana White weighs in. If the fight actually is cancelled, the UFC will be with both a main, and co-main event for their flagship event for UFC 230 with the organisation still yet to announce who will be headlining the card.