Brock Lesnar Looks A “Little Different” Since Being In The USADA Testing Pool

Brock Lesnar Looks A “Little Different” Since Being In The USADA Testing Pool

Brock Lesnar is a legend. The literal giant of wrestling and MMA has risen to the pinnacle of both show wrestling and hands-on cage fighting and possesses accolades that few fighters ever achieve but all dream of. The man-mountain, Lesnar, stands 6’3” and used to weigh a whopping 120kg, maybe more at his peak. His 81” reach adds to his formidability in the ring or the cage. But recently, fans have noticed something a little strange, as images of Brock show him as looking a little on the small side.

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Don’t get us wrong, age is a bitch, and the 41-year-old American will find it considerably harder to maintain his huge physique as the years go by. Also Lesnar is by no means small. I mean he dwarfs 99% of the population. But his lofty standards of prowess appear to be behind him, as you can see from the pictures, and we can think of one particular reason why.

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You see, having made a very successful switch from WWE to the UFC back in 2008, Lesnar has pinballed back and forth a few time between the codes. But Lesnar has not won in the UFC since 2010 and he is surely hungry for another bout to sink his mangled, worn down chompers into.

The fact that he stormed the octagon at UFC 226, grabbing the microphone and accepting Daniel Cormier’s callout, shows that he wants this, and at 41, can still mix it with the best of them. Sadly, he is still unable to fight on account of his USADA-imposed ban after testing positive for clomiphene which is a medication used to treat infertility in women who do not ovulate, in 2016.

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But Lesnar is reportedly taking steps to have his ban overturned as reported last month. And looks to be on a weight cut to increase his speed and get the upper hand on Cormier if the fight comes to fruition.

But one man who is not happy about Lesnar’s flip-flopping between codes is fellow WWE legend Roman Reigns. He made his feelings absolutely clear last week as he spat:

“I’m gonna send Brock so far back into the UFC he’s gonna find his head stuck in Dana White’s ass.”

The phrase prompted a response of ‘LOL’ from Mr White.

Check out some of Lesnar’s best on the player below.

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