Bulldog Defies Expectations at Dog Show, Becomes a Social Media Hero

Bulldog Defies Expectations at Dog Show, Becomes a Social Media Hero

Everyone loves to see a winner. I mean who couldn’t help but be impressed when Michael Phelps went on his unprecedented run of dominance that led him to a record 28 medals?

Having said that, we also all made a special place in our heart back in 2000 for Eric Moussambani or as he is more commonly known “Eric the Eel” a swimmer from Equatorial Guinea who despite not qualifying for the final heat, defied expectations to such an extent that he became a favourite of fans all over the world.

At this weekend’s Westminster Dog Show, Rudy the bulldog defied all expectations to produce an underdog performance of the ages that evoked memories of “Eric the Eel.”

Cutest athlete this writer has ever seen

Much in the same way Eric had defied expectations by coming from a country that, due to a lack of funding, had historically struggled at swimming, Rudy shocked everyone with his performance proving bulldogs can compete at the highest levels.

Throughout his run, Rudy, full name Von Rudolph Augustus Perkins, managed to singlehandedly dispell just about every negative stereotype about his breed, proving to the doubters in attendance that bulldogs aren’t the lazy runts some might have you believe.

Social media users were similarly impressed with Rudy’s performance, showing that the little animal is capable of captivating a much larger audience than those who had the pleasure of getting to see him live.

One Twitter user showed how Rudy had even appeared to captivate his fellow canines, with a user’s dogs watching the run on TV. Hopefully the unlikely hero can prove to be an inspiration to his species, with his convention-defying agility.

Not everyone was so surprised with the animal’s escapades, however, another Twitter noted that they were used to seeing bulldogs produce feats of speed similar to Rudy’s.

Watch Rudy’s awe-inspiring run here.