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Honda has developed a robotic walker for disabled people

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Honda, the giant Japanese multinational company is best known for its manufacture of motorbikes and cars. The truth is, the company has its fingers in a load of different pies. It may surprise some to know that Honda ...

Airbus want to add comfy beds into plane’s cargo for long flights

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Long-haul flights can be hell! For overly tall passengers, people with disabilities or small children, there is little respite from the cramped conditions of economy-class. It is no secret that legroom on commercial a...

There’s now a cryptocurrency wallet designed for kids

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Cryptocurrency will either be the future or it’ll be a footnote in the historical records that highlights the great confusion of our era: do we want to dive headlong into a digital future and abandon the vestiges of t...

NASCAR to keep hostile UAVs away with DroneShield technology

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One of the many problems new technology has posed public events, sporting contests and performances is an effective way to combat all the drones that might sneak a peek at what is usually supposed to be an exclusive e...

Reddit CEO Confirms Hate Speech NOT Against The Rules

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The fourth-largest website in the United States, Reddit has come under significant fire this week with allegations being levelled at the company of being socially negligent in the moderation of their forums. The comme...

Why is Zuckerberg dodging these questions?

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The Cambridge Analytica scandal has been big news recently – and rightly so. Facebook is a huge part of life in the 21st century. At the last count, it had some 2.2 billion active users and over a billion people acces...

AI software that helps doctors diagnose like specialists is approved by FDA

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In a wonderful technological advance, artificial intelligence has been trialled and tested in helping doctors diagnose tricky patient cases. Whilst we are a number of decades away from total automation, this is the fi...