Throwback to the Chaotic MMA Debut by Former WWE Star Dave Bautista

Throwback to the Chaotic MMA Debut by Former WWE Star Dave Bautista

WWE fans will recognise the name Dave Bautista.

The now-49 year old Washington D.C product, was a six-time WWE World-Heavyweight Champion, and longest reigning, still, at 282 days holding the crown.

Now obviously WWE is show-fighting and completely fake, but ‘Batista’ was an amazing wrestler and fighter in general.

A specimen of a man, stands at 198cm tall and weighed 130 kg at the height of his career. It is no wonder that given his prowess, he wanted to throw some real punches in the cage.

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His already-rigorous training schedule was ramped up in 2010 in preparation for a foray into the MMA industry.

After announcing his intentions to TMZ it would be another two years before Dave would get his chance to compete.

Initially registering interest in fighting in the Strikeforce competition and was given a contract, however in 2011, Strikeforce was bought and the contract lapsed.

Eventually renegotiating, with CES Real Pain, Bautista was to make his debut against Rashid Evans, however after Evans was convicted and sent to jail, Dave was left without an opponent.

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Sometime later, a replacement for Evans was found in Vince Lucero. Lucero has fought 40 times before and was a formidable match-up. But for all of WWE’s fakeness, the bodies and skills that it produces were on display in Providence, Rhode Island as Bautista showed the crowd that he could match it in a real fight.

Lucero ran straight out of the gate like a raging bull at Bautista, landing a hard punch before taunting his opponent and clinching with him along the fence.

Bautista eventually managed to wrestle the overweight Lucero down to the ground where he managed to control the pace quite comfortably.

Lucero complained of punches to the back of the head when he was pinned, however, the ref did not agree, waving the fight off

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The fight lasted a mere 4:05 before the American was awarded the fight. This took his record to a1-0. Bautista never returned to the cage keeping his perfect record intact

Bautista retired from all forms of fighting in 2014.

Check out the awesome footage of the MMA foray below.

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