CM Punk Loses Three Round Fight In The Most Embarrassing Fight In UFC History

CM Punk Loses Three Round Fight In The Most Embarrassing Fight In UFC History

CM Punk vs Mike Jackson is certainly not the highest-skilled fight on the UFC 225 but it was still one of the most hyped fights going into the event.

Punk, real name Phil Brooks, became notable during his time as a pro wrestler, holding the WWE Championship on two occasions.

Unlike his pro wrestling contemporaries Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley who made the switch from the squared circle to the MMA cage, Punk had no extensive background in any combat sport.

This is why it came as such a shock to both the MMA and pro wrestling worlds when, in 2014, Punk announced that he had signed with the UFC and was training to make his debut as a welterweight in the world’s largest MMA promotion.

While he needed time to develop something of an MMA skillset, the UFC set out to find an appropriate opponent for his first ever fight.

Mickey Gall took the opportunity, calling Punk out after winning his MMA debut by submission. The UFC determined that Gall would have to prove himself on the largest stage to earn the fight with Punk so he fought journalist Mike Jackson at UFC Fight Night 82.

Gall dominated Jackson, submitting him just 42 seconds into the first round.

Punk and Gall finally faced off at UFC 203 in 2016. Punk was clearly outmatched in that fight. He was taken down in the first ten seconds before absorbing a barrage of ground and pound before being submitted in the first round.

Punk remained adamant that he wanted to continue his UFC career, so it was determined that both men who had been defeated by Gall would make for a more competitive fight.

At UFC 225 the fight finally went down. Even after CM Punk did not want to perform at the open workouts due to a severe anxiety attack. But even after all of this, the fight went down and you can see the results below.

Punk fought valiantly, even having some success in the first round of the fight, but the skill gap again proved too much for the hometown fighter. Mike Jackson’s boxing experience proved invaluable as he repeatedly landed strikes on the overmatched ex-wrestler.

Despite this, Punk survived the onslaught, seeing the final bell as the fight went to a decision. Mike Jackson was awarded a unanimous decision victory with all three judges scoring the fight 30-26.


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