Cocky Fighter Gets In Opponents Face, Gets Embarrassed When Things Get Real

Cocky Fighter Gets In Opponents Face, Gets Embarrassed When Things Get Real

There’s nothing better than watching someone who really deserves it receive a solid beating.

It’s such a great feeling to revel in the misery inflicted on someone who has it coming that the Germans even came up with a word for it: schadenfreude.

When you watch this video of a cocky fighter receiving a systematic beating, you’ll know exactly what it feels like.

So why does it feel so good to see Vaso Bakocevic get his arse whupped?

Bakocevic mocks Azhiev at the weigh-in.

Well, there’s a fair bit of context but in short, he trolled his opponent so hard in the build up to the fight that he went way beyond what can be considered psychology.

In a recorded message to Azhiev, Bakocevic had his entire team flip his opponent off while Bakocevic himself ridiculed Azhiev’s inability to speak English.

The disrespect continued at the weigh-in. It’s said that Bakocevic even threatened to kill his opponent. No word on whether that was metaphorical or not, but judging by the fight, there was no chance of that.

The phone message.

The fight itself took place in Krakow, Poland. Azhiev’s home country. Not only did Azhiev have a grudge against Bakocevic because of his poor conduct, but also he had the home advantage and national pride on the line.

When the bell finally rang, Azhiev didn’t disappoint. With devastating efficiency, he took his opponent to the cleaners.

For three rounds, he played Bakocevic like a drum, eventually forcing him to tap out with an arm bar.

Bakocevic being thrown like a rag-doll.

Azhiev didn’t hold back once he had claimed the victory.

He worked the crowd and mocked the arrogance of his opponent at the weigh-in, parodying the ‘slit-throat’ gestures Bakocevic had made down the cameras during that earlier meeting. He wasn’t done there though.


As Bakocevic lie prone, the ref checking him out to make sure he was OK, Azhiev showed him some disrespect of his own. He slapped the cocky fighter in the belly to show him just who was boss.

Check out the footage below and enjoy revelling in your schadenfreude.

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