Colby Covington Beats Max Griffin Into A Complete Mess, then goes full BAD GUY

Colby Covington Beats Max Griffin Into A Complete Mess, then goes full BAD GUY

The more things change in MMA, the more they stay the same.

Earlier in the decade, Chael Sonnen rode a tidal wave of popularity using a combination of pro-wrestling inspired trash talk and legit amateur wrestling skills to become one of the most must-see acts in the world of MMA.

Since his UFC debut, UFC welterweight Colby Covington has adopted the Chael Sonnen blueprint, utilizing his dominant wrestling skills to completely stifle his opponent’s offense, then delivering some ruthless barbs on the mic afterward.

Covington made one of the most infamous post-fight speeches in UFC history after defeating Damien Maia in front of his countrymen in Brazil.

“Brazil, you’re a dump!

All you filthy animals suck. I’ve got one thing to say: Tyron Woodley, I’m coming for you. If you don’t answer the front door, I’m going to knock it in and I’m going to take what’s mine, that welterweight belt!”

Covington will now fight for the UFC Interim Welterweight Championship against former Lightweight Champion Raphael Dos Anjos, at UFC 225.

In this video, we see one of Covington’s most dominant performances on the way to title contendership against Max Griffin.

In the first two rounds, Covington used his relentless wrestling-based offense to drag his opponent into a war of attrition.

Every time Griffin attempted to string strikes together, Covington used his takedowns to bring the fight back to his domain.

As we join the action at the start of the third round, Griffin looks demoralized and exhausted.

The action starts on the feet but Covington wastes no time again securing a takedown.

Covington then uses his vastly superior grappling abilities to drag Griffin away from the cage to stop him standing up.

He then taps Griffin’s hand under his body, leaving him defenseless while eating a barrage of punches.

The referee then mercifully steps in to stop the fight at 2:18 of the third round.

Colby then takes to talking trash, shouting in Griffin’s face while he lays exhausted.

The referee had to tell him to calm down, and get back to his corner.

UFC 225: Whittaker vs Romero 2 is this Saturday, June 1oth.

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