Conor McGregor Breaks His Silence In The Most Conor Way Possible

Conor McGregor Breaks His Silence In The Most Conor Way Possible

He spouted a phenomenal amount of rhetoric in the lead up to his UFC 229 rendezvous with undefeated and now undisputed Lightweight UFC titleholder Khabib Nurmagomedov, but it seems Irish sensation Conor McGregor was unable to put his money where his mouth was in practice.

The Notorious eventually went down in the fourth round to the Russian grappler after sustaining some heavy knocks in the opening three.

Many pundits had Khabib as winning the opening three rounds with a decision looming in his favour should the fight have gone the distance.

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But the Russian was able to get Conor into a choke hold, getting the submission via neck crank just over halfway through the 4th round.

The consensus was that for McGregor to achieve the victory, he would have to do it by knockout and he would have to do it early on in the fight.

Nurmagomedov stunned crowds with his defensive game, staying well out of McGregor’s superior reach advantage whilst being able to duck in and dish out his own strikes when the opportunity was afforded.

Nurmagomedov said in his post-fight press conference that he hated the way the media had publicised negative rhetoric which was now becoming the norm.

He lamented the days when MMA was about respect between two fighters and admonished McGregor’s tactics of bringing family, religion and nationality into his trash talk.

McGregor may have had a superior, or at least vastly more aggressive vocal game, but Khabib always said he would let his fighting do the talking. McGregor’s bark turned out to be worse than his bite as he was taken to task in the cage.

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McGregor, ever humble in defeat had this to say:

It is important to remember that these fighters are promoting a fight.

The lead up to UFC 229 was an absolute rollercoaster, incredibly engaging to audiences within and outside the sport.

The packed house was incredibly pro-McGregor and the PPV audience is set to challenge many past UFC records.

But post-fight McGregor has been typically humble, win, lose or draw.


The UFC moves next to Madison Square Garden in New York for its 230th installment with Poirier and Nate Diaz headlining at this point.