‘The K-Mart Conor McGregor’ Finishes Opponent With Savage Haymakers

‘The K-Mart Conor McGregor’ Finishes Opponent With Savage Haymakers

They say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.

Basically, copying someone shows just how much you admire whatever they’re doing.

This effect has been seen on countless occasions in combat sports, I mean, who could argue that Colby Covington’s style of heelish trash talking wasn’t at least partly inspired by former three-time UFC title challenger Chael Sonnen’s all-out verbal warfare?

Or Stipe Miocic wearing Croatian flag adorned shorts earlier in his career wasn’t at least somewhat a homage to Mirko Cro Cop?

This example, however, is different.

I mean it’s one thing to wear a similar attire, or talk trash the same, but this guy takes the imitation game just a little too far.

Enter Maurice Adorf.

The German lightweight improved his professional record to 2-0 last night but it was his resemblance to McGregor that got the fans talking.

If the guy just had a chest tattoo? Sure, coincidence. Strikingly similar beard? Just today’s trend I guess…

But if there was any doubts that Adorf hadn’t modelled his entire career on McGregor they were dispelled the second he made his way into the cage.

The entrance into the cage is almost identical  to Conor’s, right down to the habit of turning to face the crowd one last time before entering the cage.


Even Adorf’s fighting style bore a significant resemblance to his Irish hero. Attacking his opponent from the southpaw stance with a open stance, while mixing in some kicks for good measure. Though it’s probably fair to say that even Denis Siver put up a better fight than Adorf’s undersized opponent managed.

The uncanny similarities were not lost on some of the more prominent MMA personalities, even reaching McGregor’s coach, John Kavanagh, on Twitter.

Who knows what is next in the fledgling fighter’s career but he has already got the MMA world talking about him.

If he goes on to become a double champion in his regional organisation before signing with the UFC we might have a major case of deja vu on our hands.