This Footage Proves That Zero Luck Was Involved in Conor McGregor’s KO of Jose Aldo

This Footage Proves That Zero Luck Was Involved in Conor McGregor’s KO of Jose Aldo

Conor McGregor is an international phenomenon.

Known and glorified around the world, there are tributes and murals to the UFC legend as far-reaching as Mexico and Brazil.

But whilst the Irishman’s rise to the top may have seemed to have come quite quickly, there were years of foundation work that were dutifully carried out by McGregor in domestic Irish fighting circles that made McGregor the force he is today.

Who would have thought prior to exploding onto the international scene, a plumbing apprentice from Crumlin in Ireland would become what he is today.

His meteoric rise began when he met Tom Egan, a future UFC fighter who took him under his wing and began training with him in MMA.

McGregor spent two years in the amateur scene before moving to Dublin and training at the Straight Blast Gym under still-coach John Kavanagh.

His Professional mixed martial arts career took off with two emphatic first-round knockouts in 2011.

McGregor became known for his ferocity in fights, landing killer blows very early on.

He famously spent just twenty seconds in the cage over two fights.

The first fight in the mini-series was against Mike Wood at Cage Contender 8.

McGregor took just 16 seconds to clean up the fellow Irishman who took the fight on short notice.

According to Bleacher Report, “McGregor came out and hit Wood with 6 consecutive lefts to the head which forced the Husaria fighter to the ground”.

Credit: Bleacher Report

The second fight was even more impressive.

McGregor’s 7th win came at the four-second mark of the first round at the Immortal Fighting Championship 4 in April 2016. McGregor unleashed a brutal strike.

Paddy Doherty was the unfortunate victim and was clearly stiff and out before he had hit the canvas.

Credit: YouTube

In the lead up to big clashes like the one McGregor has with Nurmagomedov, people often forget how much hard work has gone into things over the years.

The Irishman’s mettle cannot be denied.

Check out the stunning second-mentioned victory on the player below.

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