Conor McGregor Phone Stomping Footage Has Surfaced Online

Conor McGregor Phone Stomping Footage Has Surfaced Online

Conor McGregor is back in the headlines for the wrong reasons yet again after yet another criminal infraction. Nearly a year after being granted a terribly lenient sentence for throwing a trolley at the window of a UFC tour bus, McGregor has now been charged for assaulting a fan before stealing and breaking his phone.

The trolley incident landed McGregor with just five days of community service, 1-3 days of an anger management evaluation, and damages.

It remains to be seen how the criminal justice system will view his latest crime.

The incident was captured on video, by a bystander and will be pivotal in any court proceedings if it comes to that.

Credit: Miami Beach Police Department

MMA fan Ahmed Abdirzak saw the MMA and boxing legend appear at around five am on Monday morning. Being such a fan, he whipped out his phone to take a snap of one of his idols and the sport’s biggest stars, but he could not have predicted what would happen next.

Credit: TMZ Sports

No one knows why, but McGregor completely snapped at a member of the public photographing him without permission. The Irishman is subjected to this type of attention wherever he goes, so why he chose this occasion to flip out is anyone’s guess.

McGregor allegedly offered a handshake to Abdirzak before grabbing him hard by the wrist and pulling him towards him. McGregor then grabbed his phone, knocking it to the ground before stomping on it twice and making off with it. A started Abdirzak yelled after McGregor to give his phone back, a request that was laughed off by McGregor.

Credit: TMZ Sports

McGregor was arrested for the incident for robbery/strong-arm and criminal mischief over $1,000 (2 felonies). If he is convicted on both counts, McGregor faces up to 15 years in prison.

Check out the footage here.