Conor McGregor Posts Erection Picture And Instantly Breaks The Internet

Conor McGregor Posts Erection Picture And Instantly Breaks The Internet

Conor McGregor has made significant waves on the social media front in the past with graphic outlines of his appendage on full display.

Such imagery cannot be unseen and has been extremely inappropriately placed such as his infamous white shorts outline at his son’s first birthday.

Then there was his weigh-in in the lead of to his boxing foray with Floyd Mayweather last year where his grey Calvin’s bare contained his ecstatic wang. But he’s at it again!

This time in another revealing Instagram post.

Credit: The Sun

Conor must be rocking a quarter-to-thirds chubby most of the time.

We also know that he absolutely loves himself.

And why wouldn’t you if you had as much cash and achievement as he does!

The star is said to be the richest MMA fighter in the world by some way with a suspected bank account worth some USD$85,000,000.

Whilst Conor snaps selfies quite regularly, he is also a proud father and family man with pictures of his son featuring on the regular as well.

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His infamous latest post, which has garnered some 1.7 million likes on Instagram is one for the ages.

Perhaps Red Panty Night is Conor’s responsibility this time as the fighting superstar poses semi-naked in scarlet Calvin Kleins and nothing else in view.

He is looking in good shape, with a lot more meat on his bones than when we saw him in the boxing ring last year.

He certainly hasn’t lost any weight in the nether regions though as he is back to his provocative best sporting a semi-stiff sausage underneath his undies.

Credit: PA Images

McGregor was promoting his new fitness program F.A.S.T in the picture.

If grabbing attention was his aim, then he sure did achieve just that!

Here is the post, but beware, you can’t unsee it!