Conor McGregor Posts Video Proving That He Is A “Mad Wrestler”

Conor McGregor Posts Video Proving That He Is A “Mad Wrestler”

UFC 229 is gathering serious momentum in its lead up with the event only a fortnight away.

The return of Conor McGregor to the cage after his stint in boxing has been long awaited with fans around the world eager to catch a glimpse of the Irish star back in action.

With widespread talk of the disparity between Conor and Khabib Nurmagomedov’s fighting styles dominating the showdown’s publicity, many pundits have come to the defense of the Irishman’s perceived lack of wrestling prowess.

Despite being more of a striker, McGregor is a seasoned brown belted BJJ fighter and cannot be underestimated having gone up against wrestling-backgrounded opponents in the past.

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Whilst Khabib is thought to be a strong test of the Irish striker’s ability in the cage, a video has resurfaced showing a 9-minute throwdown between McGregor’s wrestling coach, Sergey Pikulskiy and himself where they flow and grapple with each other.

It is plain to see that McGregor is well in tune with the wrestling style, being able to adapt and manipulate his Olympic medal-winning coach more naturally than one would expect.

This time around, McGregor’s camp has enlisted the assistance of Ayub Magomedov, a fellow countryman of Nurmagomedov and part of team Dagestan.

In a move that prompted Dagestan patriots to question Magomedov’s defection from the Russian state, McGregor and the team have come back strongly denying that Magomedov had aligned himself with McGregor, rather that the bout was a one-off.

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Conor had a few words to say as he addressed Khabib’s wrestling advantage at this week’s UFC 229 press conference.

“You dive for the legs and hold onto them for dear life.

What kind of fighting is that? With your little fake belt over there, after you beat an 11th-ranked real estate agent. And you bring that belt onstage like it’s a real belt.

You’re a phoney, a fake and I’m gonna expose you. Now you’re up here with the real shit here, you’re with the real dogs now brother, yeah?

And you’re gonna be smoked on October 6th live on pay-per-view, and I am gonna love every fucking second of it. I hope it’s a long night.”

“You’re gonna be wrestling my knuckle out of your orbital bone,” the Irish star added.

“Would you believe that he’s 26-0? An unbeaten amateur in the professional game,” McGregor said. “I mean, he’s fucking fought nobody. Absolutely nobody.

Anybody that he’s fought has been decisions. He’s in over his head, I’m going to pick him apart and bully him in there and absolutely maul him. And that’s it.”

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Check out the three clips of highlights from the 2015 coach throw down below.