Throwback to Conor McGregor’s Hilarious Reaction To A Classic Mark Hunt KO

Throwback to Conor McGregor’s Hilarious Reaction To A Classic Mark Hunt KO

For all the schtick that Conor McGregor gets these days for his questionable public behaviour and ostentatious lifestyle, it can be easy to forget that he started out in the game as a typical lad from Crumlin with a love for the sport of fighting.

In recent years, with a public persona to uphold, it seems rarer and rarer to catch a glimpse of Conor with his guard down, if there is one time this is possible it is when he is doing what all of us do, watching fights that he has no vested interested in and just having a good time.

A perfect example of this can be seen with this footage from a week before UFC 178, where McGregor would fulfil his prophecy of knocking Dustin Poirier out in under two minutes on his pay-per-view debut. The clip shows McGregor relaxing in the week before the fight with coach John Kavanagh, training partner Artem Lobov, girlfriend Dee Devlin, and UFC president Dana White.

Credit: The Telegraph

The group are watching Mark Hunt face Roy Nelson in the main event of UFC Fight Night 52.  After Hunt performs one of his signature walk-off KO’s, Kavanagh shows when Conor developed his mystic Mac abilities from by accurately predicting that Hunt will take his time to thank Jesus for his victory.

As Hunt, on cue, gives thanks to his lord and saviour, the group burst into laughter. Conor then hilariously imagines the main prophet of the Christian faith going as crazy as the rest of us do on earth for a Mark Hunt KO.

“Jesus loves Knockouts. Big right uppercuts, Jesus is going nuts up there. ‘Yes!’

It’s often easy to detach McGregor the media personality from McGregor the person but its clear that throughout all the fame and fortune the Irishman hasn’t forgotten who were there for him before he became the megastar he is today. And that when around those people he is just like anyone else.