Khabib posts footage of how he think Mayweather fight would go down

Khabib posts footage of how he think Mayweather fight would go down

For better or worse, we, as combat sports fans, are living in the money fight era. This means that rather than being content with being recognised as the best fighter in their division, both boxers and MMA fighters are looking for the most profitable bout available.

I mean, just look at the UFC heavyweight division. Despite many believing Stipe Miocic’s record-breaking title reign would earn him an immediate rematch with Daniel Cormier following their fight at UFC 226, the fight was instead followed by a promo for an upcoming bout between DC and the returning Brock Lesnar (who hasn’t officially won a fight since 2010.)

Credit: Ritely

Because of this pervasive mentality in the fight business, now that Khabib Nurmagomedov has been catapulted into superstardom after dominating Conor McGregor at UFC 229, the only thing next for him is an even bigger fight. And the rumours point towards a boxing match with Floyd Mayweather.

I mean, the McGregor Vs. Floyd fight was nonsensical, sure. But at least McGregor is heralded as an unorthodox striker so the fight brought some level of intrigue as to whether the Irishman could surprise Mayweather with a different style of boxing. While Khabib is unquestionably the best mixed martial artist in the lightweight division, his striking is clearly not his strongest attribute so a boxing match makes zero sense.

Predictably, the rumours that another ‘super fight’ is in the works drew some less-than-excited responses from the world of MMA on twitter.

Even Mayweather himself decided to take to social media to build some hype for the potential matchup.

That hasn’t stopped Khabib publicly stating how he believes a fight with Mayweather would go, however. The UFC Lightweight Champion posted a hilarious video on his Instagram account that also mocked music star Drake for his bandwagoning of McGregor before the UFC 229 main event.