Cowboy Cerrone Forces Mike Perry to Tap Out In Very First Round

Cowboy Cerrone Forces Mike Perry to Tap Out In Very First Round

Today Cowboy Cerrone and Mike Perry clashed in a Welterweight battle at the 25th anniversary of the UFC, in Denver.

Platinum Mike opened a heavy betting favourite, with the veteran Cowboy a decent sized underdog despite having a lot more experience and several great names on his victim list.

Platinum Mike has fallen twice in the last year when faced against higher opposition, but the personal side of this fight may work in his favour.

His talking about Cowboy continued throughout the fight lead up.

Perry is definitely known for his crazy personality, however Cowboy Cerrone has one of the craziest stories ever told on The Joe Rogan Experience.

”I got my certification in high school and I am a super cave diver, man,” Cerrone said. “I love it, I love diving, I love ship diving. So we were in Cozumel and one of my old – you could almost call him my instructor, he’s taught me a lot about what I know about diving today. We dove three or four days with some buddies that were down in Cozumel, went through some ships, went through some coral reefs, just playing around. We go into a serious dive, he’s getting a little bit older. His mind is still very sharp but his motor skills don’t keep up much any more. And in cave diving, it’s very necessary that you need [those].”

Things went bad for the UFC star pretty quick.

”So we make the jump, tie off, put these direction arrows down, they’re called cookies, pointing out of the cave so if something happens, you come out. When you make a jump, you take your light and you wrap it around your neck and then you have two hands to work on the line. The guy I was with didn’t follow some of our rules and in cave diving it’s kind of an unwritten fact that you only worry about you coming home, I’m staying alive. So Joe, if you and I are cave diving and something were to happen, I’m not going in there to get you. No reason for two of us to die if only one of us is in there to die.”

The two men finally entered the Octagon tonight.

The fight was all over in the first round, with the two men largely engaged in a battle of the clinch and takendown battles.

Mike Perry surprised the commentators by taking Cowboy down, but Cowboy carried out a perfect sweep to land on top of Perry. From there a series of exchanges ended with Cowboy locking Perry into a super tight arm bar, and Perry was left with no choice but to tap.

Cowboy then called Khabib out in his post fight speech.