Dana White Just Blasted Brendan Schaub With Angry Instagram Tirade

Dana White Just Blasted Brendan Schaub With Angry Instagram Tirade

A massive storm has whipped up on Social Media started by Israel Adesanya.

Adesanya has a perfect professional MMA record having recently earned a victory in the Ultimate Fighter: Undefeated Finale on July 5th.

The Nigerian-New Zealander, who has competed at the top level in boxing, kickboxing and MMA, posted a video on Instagram (simulcast on Twitter) to his 178,000 followers featuring footage from Brendan Schaub’s podcast, ‘Below the Belt’.

During the posted footage, Schaub is heard to say that the new strikers coming into MMA from different fighting disciplines do not do as well as they are expected to on account of the subtle differences that MMA poses.

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The footage was overlaid with different figures rolling their eyes and blocking their ears in disbelief along with text that reads “Oh Brendan…” and ‘Soz not Soz”.

At the close of the clip, Schaub is hushed and the laptop is closed.

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The post attracted the attention of one UFC president, Dana White who wrote an absolutely scathing response to content of the clip:

Such a fuckin tool!!!! What the fuck does this idiot know about the sport or the business??? @stylebender for u to be listening to one word from this MORON is a waste of ur time. Guy went 6-5 in the UFC!!! The only thing he could teach u is how to get KO’d. Tune idiots like this OUT.

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Many have come to Schaub’s defence, going hard at Adesanya saying he has taken the comments out of context and didn’t hear him out. After citing the distance, the combos and the head movements as the reason crossover stars don’t do so well, he did mention Adesanya directly at all, actually praising him in the same episode, and was speaking more of Saki’s performance.

Schaub leaped to his own defence with an emotional response to Dana White:

Check out the video from the post here. What do you think, did Dana go too far?

Sorry, the video you have requested is no longer available

Ssshhhh…🤫 #ithinkyoudbesurprised

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