Darren Till and Mike Perry Exchange Goes Viral After Hilarious Mis-Communication

Darren Till and Mike Perry Exchange Goes Viral After Hilarious Mis-Communication

Miscommunications are common in the English-speaking world.

This is owing to the many different ways in which we can say the same thing, as well as the variations between accents. But English is a terrible language for another reason – homophones.

No, not people who hate gay people, homophones!

These are the words that are spelt differently, but sound the same. Like the words ‘see’ and ‘sea’.

It is easy to see how even amongst native English speakers, confusion can ensue.

Those damned words were the reason for a hilarious misunderstanding between lightweight fighters Mike Perry and Darren Till.

The two have had a love-hate relationship since last year when the two were seriously close to coming to blows outside of regulation fighting. The only thing stopping the two was the cage itself, but the words thrown at each other were not nice.

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Many believed the two would develop a nice little divisive rivalry outside the cage that could lead to fireworks within it.

But, on the contrary, a lovely bromance has since blossomed between the pair.

They are both evenly matched in the UFC with the undefeated Till not putting a fight against Perry out of reach within the next year at all.

But given how close they have become, the question is, could the Liverpudlian and the American put their new-found friendship aside to duke it out in the octagon?

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The two’s friendship was on full display when Till got the wrong end of the stick, thinking that Perry had invited him to a spa for a massage, perhaps a mani-pedi and a seaweed wrap, whatever that may be.

It is true that fighters put their bodies through hell, so it isn’t too far-fetched an idea.

Perry: “All I got is little MMA gloves.”
Till: “What, you want to spar? Sparring?”
Perry: “But I know you spar different. I know how you are. You hit hard.”
Till: “Oh, I thought you meant to spa, like a steam? (Expletive) hell! (Expletive) hell!”
Perry: “No, I meant, let’s go fight.”

Credit:USA Today

Check out the hilarious footage on the player below.

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