Dashcam Captures Epic Battle Between Police And Real Life Jack Reacher

Dashcam Captures Epic Battle Between Police And Real Life Jack Reacher

At times, usually after watching an epic action thriller, we all wonder if we have it in us to be a real-life action hero.

Sure there are elements like dodging bullets fired by highly trained individuals that we have down pat, but putting it all together time and time again whilst saving the day is a different story.

But this guy in the clip below might have a shot that many of us don’t.

The clip opens with a DUI stop in Pennsylvania.

The man being tested isn’t doing too well, stumbling a little. The two policemen that stand over him are having trouble getting him to cooperate.

One stands off to the side whilst the other manages the man directly.

Credit: Smack His Face

There is a third officer off-screen. As they try to cuff him he lashes out prompting the officer off to the side to get out his Taser. The man fights on initially, but as a second taser hits him he finally looks to be going down.

He screams in pain as the officers impart voltage into him, but he still won’t cooperate and stay still so they can control him. After a bit of good old-fashioned, but in a way justified, police brutality, the officers are still having trouble cuffing the guy. They lay punches into him but he just won’t succumb. All of a sudden he breaks loose.

Credit: Smack His Face

He sprints around the front of the car to the driver’s side door with the officers in hot pursuit. He leans in through the open window grabbing out his pistol.

The officers should have but haven’t seen this coming. The man opens fire with one of the officers being stuck directly and falling out of shot.

The other officer makes it to the other side of the car where he attempts to take the man out with his own gun, but he doesn’t have any cover and the man shoots him as well, he launches himself over the road safety barrier for more cover.

Credit: Smack His Face

We think the fugitive has been struck as well as he takes a while to get the car started. The third officer, off screen, isn’t going to engage the dangerous man directly, rather taking pot shots at him through the back windscreen.

We see holes appear as he fires and then pieces of glass falling away. But the car eventually starts and the car drives away.

Credit: Smack His Face

The footage is pretty confronting and we hope the officers are okay. Check it out below.