Derrick Lewis Wants To K.O Daniel Cormier Because He ‘Disrespects Fried Chicken’

Derrick Lewis Wants To K.O Daniel Cormier Because He ‘Disrespects Fried Chicken’

The new UFC heavyweight title contender, Derrick Lewis has made a lot of new friends in the last few days.

The star’s incredible come-from-behind win was put down as Performance of the Night, an amazing effort considering he had to overcome an eye injury to punch his way through Russian Alexander Volkov’s defences.

The result confirmed the for Bellator Champion as having a red-hot claim to the title which has now been confirmed to go down on November 4th, not even a month after his last fight.

Lewis’ laid-back manner and lack of filter have won the hearts of everyone in the UFC world.

Credit: Sporting News

The quirky American removed his shorts, getting down to just his underwear to have his fist raised as the winner at UFC 229, and when probed about it by colour commentator, Joe Rogan, claimed he did so merely because he had sweaty balls!

The 33-year-old had the crowd in peels of laughter as he gave a very entertaining post-fight interview. The fallout from this is that he has gained 600,000 followers on Instagram in a few days.

The man now sports a record of 21 – 5 – 0, as many wins as Daniel Cormier whom he seeks to dethrone at UFC 230.

The two have a colourful past, with Lewis claiming he would knock Cormier out before they had ever met in the cage before.

The clip below is taken from a press conference in the lead up to UFC 226 in July.

According to Cormier, backstage he had been confronted by Lewis, who called him ‘small’ as well as informing his intention to knock him out.

Credit: Sports Daily

This was some 3 months before Lewis was given a shot at the title. But after having this piece of backstage gossip revealed, Lewis laughed it off, making a joke.

When asked by a member of the press what his problem with DC was, Lewis replied jocularly:

‘He disrespected that Popeye’s chick on the commercial a few years ago’

This is what he was talking about.

Credit: Sporting News

Check out the press conference here!