Disturbing Video Has Emerged Of DC Trying To Tear Miocic’s Eyeballs Out

Disturbing Video Has Emerged Of DC Trying To Tear Miocic’s Eyeballs Out

UFC 226 in Las Vegas saw Daniel Cormier won the Heavyweight title after be beat Stipe Miocic in a dominant display. A packed house saw Cormier land a brutal elbow to knock Miocic to the canvas before a clinical ground and pound saw the fight waved off. It is well known how much the title meant to Cormier, who became just the second man to hold two UFC titles at once. The win marked the end of a long struggle for the title which saw two unfairly fought contests against Jon Jones frustrate Cormier to no end. So fair play… or was it?

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In the wake of the momentous win, damning footage has emerged showing some pretty dodgy tactics undertaken by Cormier on the way to his victory. Slow motion footage shows Cormier unfurl his hands at the last minute turning his fingers and nails into probes with which to gouge Miocic’s eyes. It was largely missed by the TV audience due to how fast the punches were thrown in real time.

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But it did not escape the watch of eagle-eyed veteran referee Marc Goddard who pointed it out to Cormier five times within four minutes. And whilst the tactic is not enough to draw a No Contest, it is severely frowned upon. Imagine how hard it would be to concentrate after being poked in the eye! Let alone refocus in time to see the next flurry of punches.

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Such appeared to be what happened before the knockout, as a left was thrown, the referee was blind-sighted, as Miocic looked to recover by clinching up, Cormier broke free to give the decisive elbow that knocked Miocic to the canvas. From there a blind and rocked Miocic was easy pickings.

The footage has divided pundits in MMA space but check out the footage on the player below and let us know for yourself!

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